Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Child's Room Bookcase

For the woodworker here is a nice plan for a small bookcase that would be perfect for a child's room. All the material is easy to work pine with a nice colonial look. The perfect size for a child to access his favorite books and small toys. The plan is by John Capotosto and published in the 1985 Popular Science Yearbook.

Furniture in a child's room is always in danger of toppling over if children attempt to climb on them. With a small bookcase this can be avoided by locating a stud in the stud wall behind the bookcase and installing a wood screw from the inside of the bookcase through the backboard at the center near the top and into the stud in the stud wall behind the bookcase. You may have to use a small spacer block between the bookcase and stud wall to compensate for the baseboard thickness. Make sure to size the length of the screw to actually engage the stud in the stud wall for a solid installation. You will have a very small hole in the drywall when the bookcase is removed but a small price to pay for a child's safety.