Thursday, May 24, 2018

Dismantling Rust

So I got the Cavalier into the ventilated shop this morning and got a start at dismantling it. I hate unibodies. I dismantled one back in the 80's, it was made shortly after unibodies were introduced and there was still a lot of extruded aluminum on them, like the bumpers. Now a days aside from the engine assembly, axles and wheel assemblies, most of what is snapped or bolted to that unibody is plastic (mountains of it), foam, and rubber. The few metal panels are thin as paper. I have driven a body on frame truck since I started driving. I got the Cavalier to save on gas, for a 100 mile return commute to work, that I did for 10 years. I'll hopefully never have to drive a unibody again. Ha ha. Don't get me wrong the unibody is actually designed to be safer in minor crashes. The unibody is designed to crumple in a step by step, more controlled fashion. My beef with the low end models, is that they are to much like the disposable society we have become. Difficult to repair with poor quality parts, after ten years up here with the salt on the road in the winter and rough roads everywhere, they are usually  done.

Here's a couple of pictures. It's going to take a while to get this all stripped down. 

I think it was on "The Big Bang Theory" that someone said "Your degree of white trash is measured by how many junked cars are in your yard." Ha, ha. I guess I am back to zero again. lol.