Friday, May 18, 2018

Rescanned Belt Sander And Internal Wood Threading

So here is a better scan of a light belt sander I posted before. I can't find the belt length stated anywhere but a rough calculation puts it at a 48" belt. If you can find a larger double shaft motor you can double up on the belts similar to my 32" belt unit in another post.

Here is an interesting little jig for threading the nuts of wood vise screws. Size doesn't matter, if you have the screw this jig will cut the nuts for it ( no innuendo here, what can I say, thats the terminology). Ha ha.

So it's been a long haul, lots of workshop plans and info.posted on this site now. Enough that a person looking for a project can do a search and probably find something close. I have invested a lot of time with these posts and for a break I am going to back off for the next 3 summer months. If I get any interesting travel or wildlife pics, I will make the effort to get them up. If you like some of the older PM Shop Notes, check back this weekend, I just completed  3 files that might garner some interest. I'll get them up tomorrow and Sunday.