Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Short Hydro Rant

So one topic that is making a lot of noise in the current Provincial election is the salary increases for the Hydro One board, chair and CEO. These people are already robing us, if the work they do for that salary is any measure (Oh I forgot most of these people were formerly in government and these cushy jobs are reward for the concessions they made while in government.). So now we are going to pay them even more so they could have 6 or 7 meetings per year to figure out how to pick our pockets even deeper.

Its just more of the same. They take our money to fill our monthly bills with power saving literature, so that when our consumption goes down, it's easier to jack up the delivery rates, on a grid that is easily shut down by the slightest weather change (fat upper level spending and wages is more important than good grid maintenance).

I think, they think most people are unenlightened, but they would be wrong. The majority of people can see that what we are doing is more like paying the highwayman ahead of time so he can rob us of whats left in our pockets a little further down the road. Internet providers are even worse, but at least they don't try to hide it, you know your getting ripped off up front. The few kill the limited competition and then tell you "there's no competition", lol. But we're Canadian so we will put up with it, I think thats called complacency.

A Tesla biography I read a while back retold a story where Tesla and Westinghouse, while building the generating works at Niagara Falls, observed the works also being built across the river, on the Canadian side. Westinghouse is said to have made the statement, "Now thats a perfect example of how not to set up a power company" pointing across the river.

After over 125 years, it seems nothing has changed.