Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Stands For All Your Tools

Here is an article that I think I uploaded somewhere before, they were poor scans. I found them again in the winter 1954 PM Shop Notes, so I can now control the quality of the upload. Yes you can now read the material lists, ha ha.

These are solid smart looking stands. There is collection of five here and with a few modifications they can be adapted to most machines in your shop. They are solid enough to support both your woodworking or metalworking machinery. The tops are shown as 1 3/4" thick but 1 1/2" thick would be solid enough for most applications and allow you to use regular dimension lumber. If you use splines, as shown in one top, it will make it easier for a more accurate assembly and your glue ups easier. I would say the splines make the tops stronger, but without actual test numbers, I will leave that to the opinion of any potential builder.