Sunday, May 6, 2018

"Sure, Grass Will Grow Any Where"

Thats the response I have gotten more than once when bringing up the subject with people. Well I have never been accused of having a green thumb and trying to grow grass on a sandy moraine hasn't changed that, ha ha. It's coming, but requires lots of applications of seed and fertilizer. Two so far and hopefully the third this year will do it. It still works out much cheaper than importing 10 grand worth of top soil for the 8 acres or so around the house. As you can see from the pictures it is coming but there are still lots of thin patches and many outright bare spots of exposed sand.

So here is this years application ready to go. I got 165 lbs of seed and a similar amount of fertilizer. We will give it another similar application of fertilizer later in the year.

It is still a little early for application, another couple of weeks probably. In the meantime, I tuned up my chainsaw, I will have to build up my outdoor firewood storage in the fall so I want to get my indoor storage done now and free up the space for my outdoor storage.