Thursday, May 31, 2018

The Object Of My Desire

So I dismantled from the Cavalier a few objects today that answers the question, "Why do this? Why not just scrap the whole car?".

In addition to the 200+ lbs of good grade of aluminum, if I choose to break up and remelt the engine and transmission, I also mentioned a selection of different grades of steel.

The first picture below is the front end, suspension, power steering and wheel ball joints mounting assembly removed. This is quite heavy the thickest steel used is found in this assembly and the rear axle assembly. Notice the sway bar.

Here is the sway bar removed. This is probably the most useful piece of steel in the whole vehicle, not as brittle as shock spring steel (one of the shocks I removed from the front had a spring that was broken in three places) but it is just as tough (when you swerve hard a good portion of the weight of the car goes onto one or the other arms of the sway bar and prevents roll over). It's 3/4" round and about 4' long. Ideal material for forging various tools, turning chisels, knives, etc.

Also in the picture are the rubber bushings for mounting the sway bar. In the center of the picture is one of the many useful devices available in a dismantling like this. This is the steering column universal joint. Used to transfer rotary motion between two non planer points (the steering wheel and the power steering cylinder).

And as alluded to in the title of this post, this is the main object of my desire in this tear down. This is the rear axle and wheel assembly. My intention is to use this as the starting point for my bandsaw mill. In the position in the picture it is low to the ground, making it easier to load a log onto the cutting deck. Distance between the outside of the mount bushing eyes is 44", perfect for the small mill I am planing.

If I choose not to use it for the mill it is still a perfect axle and wheel assembly for a small trailer, either low to the ground or if you rotate the axle assembly 180*, a high deck. Thats a 4 or 5 hundred dollar value right there, tires are worn but hey, I got two more plus a mini spare plus wheels. lol.

So below is the back end hoisted up. Just a couple more items to remove, the fuel tank and accessories, and the rear shocks.

When that is done all that will be left is the bare unibody, a couple of added coats of paint but otherwise just as it was when it left the robot welding line.