Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Tight Squeeze But The Motors Out

So took a while but the motor and transmission are out. Talk about a tight squeeze, once it was half out I had contact with both sides of the frame, with a little coaxing, it left two scrapes in the paint but slipped out. So  much rust, I'm not sure it is worth trying to run it again, at the very least I got a couple of hundred pounds good quality silicon aluminum for remelting and lots of different grades of steel to play with.

It's amazing how tiring pulling a wrench all day can be, my lower arms and hands haven,t been so scrapped since I did this last time. Any weak or cheap tools usually show themselves on a job like this. I only lost one on this job, split the side out of a 13/16 Westward socket, maybe I should stop using cheaters. Ha ha.

So here is the interior of the unibody,  all stripped (lots of room now ha ha). Tomorrow I will hoist the unibody and remove the underside drive parts, the front end bottom suspension, and power steering assembly (you can see the end of the steering universal hanging just inside the firewall). The parking brake (red skirt on handle) bolts are removed but I left it in place  till I can disconnect  it, when I remove the rear axle and wheels.

So another day or two and then a couple of days of clean up and deciding what I want to keep and what gets hauled to the land fill. The unibody, door panels, and the few body panels will get loaded on my larger trailer and get hauled to the steel recycler.