Tuesday, May 8, 2018

"Track That Moose"

So beautiful day today, found some fresh moose tracks, so took a walk to see where he had been and get a few pictures. He came out of the woods on the north west side of the property, wandered around my wood pile a couple of times, moved across the lane way to the south east side, browsed on some overhanging pine for a while before heading back into the woods at the east entrance to my walking trails. Since I was there I took a walk around my trails to see how much damage that nasty ice storm did last winter. Not bad, it will require some clean-up to supplement my wood pile but could have been worse. Haven't seen any bears yet, though I did hear a handful of distant shots on my walk, one of the distant neighbours either getting some target practice or chasing down a bear. Gov. brought back the spring bear hunt but it doesn't seem to be reducing the number of bears that prefer dumpsters to browsing.

The east entrance to the trails.

The creek is flowing well, the beavers on the east side of the property must be happy, I'll have to go for a visit when the bush snow has all melted.

Even with snow still on the ground colorful wild flowers are already blooming.

Looking back at the old homestead site that I cleaned up and filled in three years ago.

Looking back at the west entrance to the trails.

Here's a better look at the terracing on the north side it doesn't look it but that bank is over 6' high, lots of grass and weeds growing their. It's more difficult to trim but the more the better to reduce the possibility of erosion, still easier than building a stone wall. Given my Portugese heritage, stone walls should be in my genes, but I don't think they survived the trip across the Atlantic, ha ha.