Wednesday, June 6, 2018

BIG Earl - Now Thats a Welding Project

So I made the trip south of Earlton to the scrap recycler this morning. My load tilted the scales at 1000 lbs., remove the 200 lbs of panels and odds and ends I added and that puts the weight of the unibody at 800 lbs close to my estimate when I hoisted it. That got me a whole $70 and puts scrap steel at $140 a ton. Still a lot better than the going rate of $53 a ton I got on my last tear down.

So on my way back I stopped and got a few pictures of "Big Earl". This is a huge welded sculpture of a bison between Earlton and Englehart similar to the big eagle on the cover of "Arc Welded Projects Vol. III", that I posted in the past. The white dots you see everywhere are strings of lights, they light him up at night.

If you like this kind of thing Northern Ontario is full of it. Start with the giant nickel in Sudbury (nickel mines), big dairy cow in New Liskeard ( clay belt agricultural area), the polar bear in Cochrane (polar bear habitat), I could go on and on but the most amazing has to be in Hearst where you will see a pack of wolves taking down a huge moose. Its so well done I almost drove of the road looking at it, when I first saw it, ha ha.

So I stopped at Timmy's for a cup of dark in Englehart and got the picture above from the parking lot. This is the Georgia-Pacific OSB board plant. Georgia-Pacific (an American company) bought it from Grant Forest Products around 7 years ago. So isn't Trumps 25% tariffs on Canadian wood products sort of like shooting yourself in the foot. Just a little food for thought. There are many more plants in similar circumstances across the country.