Saturday, June 2, 2018

From Engine Block To Engine Mill

So been wet and cool last few days, been taking a break from the Cavalier. So thinking about uses for engine parts, my older truck probably has no more than a couple more years left as well, I dug out a few files I have put together on the widely distributed, open source, "Multimachine Mill" pictured below. For those not familiar with this idea, I will do a post including the 80 page build pdf at a later date. However some may find the smaller plan below more suitable for the small shop.

This idea was not original. The idea came from a plan by G. A. Ewen, published in "Machinist's Workshop" in 2002. The above development was done by Pat Delany for the "Open Source Project". Pat also developed a plan for a concrete based lathe, based on ideas from the WWI patent by L. I. Yeomans in 1915, and some of J. V. Romig's ideas, uploaded in a previous post. I have half a dozen files on the development of this lathe for another future post.

So here is George Ewen's project for a very nice, smaller, engine block based, horizontal mill plan. I don't know if this is the original source of this idea, but I have so far not sourced an earlier plan, based on this idea.

The Cavalier's aluminum 4 cylinder block would make a nice lighter (yet still very ridged) machine similar to the one above. My old trucks straight 6, iron block, would be more suited for Pat's Multimachine, at the top of the post.