Saturday, June 2, 2018

No Sir Ociffer, I Got Nothing Hanging Out

So the sun came out this afternoon, opened up the shop doors and finished the bit left to do on the Cavalier. Bonus, both rear shocks were still good, more keepers.

So I set up two of my 2 ton come-a-longs on the H beam and hoisted the unibody high enough to back my large trailer under it. Sometime this summer I will be bolting two channels or heavy angles to the posts and H beam, so I can run a trolley, and one of my chain hoists for doing this kind of work. Even without the steal, the H beam held up very nice without any noticeable deflection. Mind you at this point the body only weighs 600 - 700 pounds. Here's a picture of my 1 ton chain hoist for the trolley, I have a 2 ton around somewhere to.

Boy nothing beats being able to hoist equipment like this. A lot faster and sure beats jacking everything off the floor. Kudos to my H beams, I just had to say that. ha ha.

So if I cropped out my come-a-longs, would you believe me if I told you I solved anti-gravity. LOL, I laugh but it is amazing what some characters will believe.

Here I slipped my larger trailer under and dropped the unibody onto the deck, 5" to spare each side.

"No sir ociffer, I got nothing hanging out" ha ha.  Running lucky today, the body came 3" from the end of the tail gate.

I will load it up with the door and body panels and all the bits of steel, that I have no use for, strap it down with a couple of tough straps and it will be ready for a trip to the metal recycler.

So a couple of days for the big clean up, and this job is pretty much done.