Friday, June 15, 2018

Some Days Are Just Better Than Others

So one of the errands I ran today was a trip into town to pick up some hardware I have been running short on, mainly larger size nuts and bolts. The supplier didn't have any 1/2" bolts in 6.5" lengths so I went with 5/8". I have lots of ready rod ("all thread" in the States I believe) in all sizes, but except for the flats and locks all the hardware you see in the picture below is grade 8 industrial quality and is preferred. Definitely over built, but its a hoist, can't be to safe. I will probably change the bolt configuration to 3 per side, 2 up - 1 down.

So some days are better than others. The price quoted to me the other day for a 10" X 3/8" length of flat bar was so outrageous (more than the I beam), I figured, I will make do with what I have. On a tip today I stopped in at a local steel assembly fabricator. Didn't see an office sign so I walked in the large industrial door. Just inside the door was a large 12' hydraulic shear, behind the shear was a bin half full of scrap off-cuts, from 3/8" down to 1/8". I picked out a 3/8" X 9" X 28" piece, set it aside and went looking for the office.

The fellow in the office told me "that's impossible, the scrap bins were emptied this morning" lol. So out we go and I show him the bin. OK his turn to laugh "thats the High School shop class donation bin". Turns out they donate their larger than scrap, steel to the school welding classes. With school closed for the summer it doesn't look like the bin will be emptied soon. He looked at the piece I had selected and said "sure take what ever you want from the bin". I selected 6 more 1/4" pieces. I offer to pay a fair price. He wouldn't take any money though, and said if I left my number he would call when the bin filled up, if I wanted.

Boy thats a level of human kind you don't see to often anymore. If I have something that may be of value to someone else, that I don't need, rather than try to sell it, I will offer it up free. I guess thats called paying it forward. Looks like some of it came back today.