Sunday, June 17, 2018

Workshop Hoist Completed

So it was a long day and there were times when this old guy actually broke a sweat (its raining and humid today, ha ha), but the workshop hoist did get completed.

I started of by drilling the top of the I beam for the two 4 1/2" bolts. I staggered them 6" each side of center to avoid creating a weak spot in the I beam.

In welding assembly, set-up is everything. To get the end plates centered on the I beam I used a piece of 1/4" plywood and some strapping thinned with a couple of passes on the jointer. I then checked this end for level and eyed down to the other end plate for wind, added one shim to the far end plate to level things up. Notice the bevels on the top of the I beam and end plate. This will be ground flat after welding to give a tight fit to the bottom of the wood beam. The bevels will insure I have good weld penetration at these corners.

Ready to weld.

I first tack welded all 8 corners to preserve my set-up and then started welding. Haven't welded in over a year. The first weld wasn't great but passable for a shaky old guy, ha ha.

This is the second pass on the weld, getting better. Takes a bit but it comes back quick.

Welding all done.

In position ready to hoist into place. Using my come-alongs , I got within a foot and a half before the come-alongs got in the way. It was a tight fit but a block of 4 X 4 and a 12 lb. helper, got the I beam between the posts. Using two 8' 4 X 4's and my helper, I raised each side a couple of inches at a time, till the I beam was tight to the wood beam (this is the part that got me sweating, ha ha).

I forgot to mention I drilled the posts first thing this morning, fresh wood bit, it went quickly. Just slid the bolts in, good alignment. I left out the flats, bolts were just long enough to get a full thread on the nut with the locks in.

The bolt side.

So here it is ready for work. The trolley has lots of adjustment for width, and it runs very smooth, a slight tug on the chain and the hoist rolls over ready to help, ha ha.

Here it is, in its stored position. I installed a 1" dowel at 6.5' on the post, to hang excess chain and keep it out of the way.

I didn't get a chance to try it out today, maybe tomorrow or the next day. I need to change the blades, oil and filters on my lawn tractor. I'll see if I can make that tractor fly, ha ha.