Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Workshop Hoist

So first things first, my next project has to be a hoist for the ventilated shop. So I had originally planned on making up an I beam by welding together two 4" channels, but on checking out the specs for my 1 ton trolley it looked undersized. I decided to go with a 6" regular I beam. Damn, I almost changed my mind when I called my order in to the steel supplier. Decided to limit my order to the I beam. It seems all this BS going on back and forth across the border over tariffs has already started effecting steel prices. I was quoted prices 30% higher than last year.

It seems when Trump, and Trudeau for that matter, pat you on the back with one hand, and those big clown smiles on their face, and say, "don't worry I,m going to fix everything", what their really doing is picking our pockets clean, with the other hand. Don't worry, thats too long and scary a rant to get into here, ha ha.

My 6'' I beam is a little larger than required, thats good, and is due for delivery on Friday, so hopefully I will get this hoist built this weekend. I bought 2 - 1 ton trolleys many years ago from Princess Auto for $60 each, (couldn't get that price now) one was for this garage hoist, the other is for a sawmill carriage, if I ever get around to building one. My 1 Ton chain hoist will match up nicely with it.

So here is my plan for the I beam instillation on the two support posts in the shop. I have convinced myself to learn as little new software as possible, so I am still hand drawing my plans, ha ha. This is a section drawing, looking towards the post on the left (house) side.

The two 3/8 X 4 1/2 bolts are not intended to carry any of the load, their purpose is to keep the I beam tight to the roof support, wooden H beam. The ends of the I beam have 3/8 steel plates welded to them and these are in turn bolted to the support 6 X 6 posts which transfer the load to the ground. 

Below is the spec sheet for the trolley.

The 1 ton trolley.

They look different colors but thats a trick of the light and the camera.

I posted this pic before of the 1 ton chain hoist for the trolley.