Saturday, July 14, 2018

Beefing Up The A Frame

So still not up to par this morning, but got an early start anyway. As mentioned before I wanted to strengthen the A frame to accept the small hoist, by adding stiffening ribs. In the first picture are the ribs and the hoist base plate, cut, and bent.

Looks like this bug was still having it's effects. My brain was off in never never land when I ground the bending slot on the wrong side of the bottom triangular piece.

Below, not a problem I had intended to weld over the slots anyway.

Wood moves when it drys, and metal moves when you weld it. Before clamping up the ribs and base plate, I retracted the A frame jack and then placed a 200 lb. piece of rail on the front to weigh it down I then raised the two front frame jacks and leveled the frame. Only then did I place the ribs and base plate and clamped them tightly in place. Ready to weld. This is done to compensate for the inevitable up tilt to the A frame when the welding is done.

After the welding was done, I removed the weight and cleaned up the welds.

There are a few more welds to do when I tilt the trailer on its sides, but otherwise I am ready to start on the hoist. It will be placed in the center of the base plate where I placed the white dot.

Maybe there is something to be said about the old saying that you have to sweat out a bug. I feel better after a good sweat, than I did when I started. If the energy is there, I'll get started on the hoist this evening after it cools down a bit.

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