Thursday, July 26, 2018

Cleaned Up Tilt And Tension Assembly

So got in the shop this afternoon and finished the drive shaft. The picture isn't great but you can see I added the pulley side keyway, a little better than the first keyway. I'd like to blame my cheap, sloppy, import machines, but the truth is I am a relative newbie at machinist work, I have read stacks of info on the subject, but nothing works as well as hands on work. I learn something new every time I machine something.

So the next item is the tilt and tension assembly. This will require some modification but I'm going to try to use most of it. I first dismantled and cleaned up the parts with wire wheel and WD-40. Surprisingly the bearings were still good, tight and still lubricated. The sliding tension adjustment was seized with rust but it cleaned up ok.

So to get the right fit I will need to reverse the tension adjustment slide on the base. Anyone familiar with older Delta bandsaws will see that that is how I reassembled it here. This will require modifications to the tension screw and the tilt screw. I will not be using a spring for tension, as Wood-Mizer found out early on that these mills run better without them. Thats why the spring and cap you see in the picture did not get cleaned.

Here is the reverse side. This is the wheel for this assembly, I have yet to clean up the wheels. As I mentioned before the tires are like new. They must have changed them shortly before taking the saw out of commission. If they had changed the bottom bearings instead, it probably would have run much longer.

So this gives me a good idea of the measurements I will require for building the head assembly. I'll get started on that probably Saturday.

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