Thursday, July 19, 2018

Handlebars And Holster Are On

So stepped out to the shop to clean the floor and move the sawmill back in the shop. One look at the hoist and I couldn't resist. Removed the hoist and brought it inside to install the jack bar holster and handlebars for turning. The holster was quick just a 2" piece of 1" pipe welded to the side of the mast.

The handlebars are a 2' length of 3/4" pipe. I had a couple of plastic rubber handles from when I modified my seed spreader in a earlier post. They came off  1/2" tubing so I heated them up in a toaster oven until soft and stretched them on the 3/4" pipe. Cooled to a very tight fit.  After determining a comfortable height to operate the handlebars, I welded them to the back of the mast with a couple of heavy welds. Here's a few pictures.

OK ready for paint, we have a long ways to go before we get there though, ha, ha.

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