Sunday, July 29, 2018

Head Frame Sockets Welded In.

So short day today, my old body is starting to feel all this physical work, sure sleeping good though lately, ha ha.

I started this morning removing the head frame, also removed the log hoist and the carriage. Rolled up my mobile hoist and flipped the sawmill frame on its side and welded in the first head frame socket. Before flipping the trailer I measured and located the socket locations and tack welded the top/side edge, after flipping, the bottom edge got one heavy pass, and the two long sides got two heavy passes, each side. Lowered the frame and flipped it on the opposite side to weld in the second socket, with the same procedure. Lowered the trailer frame back to the floor, checked my measurements, looks good, reinstalled the head frame and tightened down the locks.

I outdid myself the whole assembly feels like one solid unit, if I didn't know the head frame was removable, I would think the whole unit was one welded assembly. Here are a few pictures.

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