Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Hoist Completed And Tested Out

So the first job I did this morning was make up, and weld, the mast to boom connection bracket. Here it is welded to the top of the mast.

Next I cut the main boom section using 2 1/2" X 3/16" tubing, 48" long. I cut a 3" length of the same material and drilled it 3/4", and welded it 1" from the end of the main boom. This will connect to the bracket at the top of the mast.

Next I drilled four 5/8" holes spaced 10" apart in the main boom. I then temporarily installed the main boom on the mast to determine the bracket position for the top jack connection. Next I made up and welded the bracket to the boom, seen here below the second hole on the boom. The boom extension is 2" X 3/16" square tubing. I drilled 2 - 5/8" holes 3" from the ends, one will register with the four different main boom holes to change the boom length. The other will take a bolt to lock the chain and hook assembly. One of the links in the hook assembly passes through a slot cut in the bottom to engage the bolt. OK we are ready to assemble.

Here is the hoist fully assembled. I dug out a set of log tongs I had, and rolled it outside for some pictures and to test it out.

I loaded two of the larger logs in the back of my truck, back at the end of May, where they have been ever since. I figured this would be an acceptable test. The first is a little less than 8', around 200 lbs. Popular log. With the boom in the third position, a little over 6', it reached right in the back and pulled it out.

Their's one more little item to do and that is weld a set of handle bars on the back of the mast for turning the hoist. As it was, it turned easily, with a light push on the boom and pull on the mast. Here ready to drop the log on the carriage, if their was one, the frame deck will have to do.

Here I went back and got the second log. This one is a little less than 7', Spruce and a little over 150 lbs.

OK that was easy, how does it handle both logs. I changed out the log tongs for a strap, and raised both logs for a total of over 350 lbs. No problem, lifted easy and everything remained stable. The jacks give good support without any side to side movement of the frame. The only wood I have on my property that might come in over 400 lbs. in a 8' log, is Birch, and I can see this handling much more than that. It should be noted that when the boom is extended it will handle less weight, retracted much more. Fully extended I would limit myself to around 4 to 500 lbs., fully retracted your probably good up to 3 tons, on the boom and mast, however the hoist receiver and trailer are not designed for that kind of weight.

Here ready to drop both logs back into the truck. Took a little more effort to turn with both logs , but not bad, the handlebars will fix that ha, ha.

Here the hoist is folded up in it's storage position. There are 3 mating pairs of holes in the flanges, so the hoist can be locked in 3 positions with a pin and retainer.

So next is the carriage, but its break time for me again, to do some clean up of the shops and take a breather.


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