Sunday, July 15, 2018

Hoist Mounting Socket

So picking up where I left off, last post. I cut the hoist mounting socket pipe lengths to 10" lengths. I want the hoist height comfortable to operate, but not so high that I overload the socket with leverage pressure and introduce height capacity I will never need. I beveled the end of the inside pipe and welded the turned insert in the end, nice tight fit.

Here both the inside pipe and outside pipe are done, ready to install. The 1/2" machine bolt will not be accessible once the hoist is welded in place, so I welded the head permanently to the removable mount.

Metal cutting band saws are nice but they can be overrated. They are great for what they are designed for, crosscutting, but for odd shaped work, diagonals, or circular work, they fall short. I often abuse my 4 X 6 in the vertical position but the 4" throat makes it very limited. Where precise measurements are not top priority, the lowly grinder is the best tool in your shop. With a good selection of disc thicknesses all manner of work can be done, and with guide jigs even precise cuts can be accomplished. For straight cut offs, for welding use, I prefer the cut off disc, its faster than the band saw and with practice even free hand cuts can be quite satisfactory. The cut below was done free hand in half the time the 4 X 6 would have taken, if the throat was deep enough, which it isn't.

Here the strengthening ribs are all tacked in place, ready to do the weld-up. 

Here I have inserted the hoist base into the receiver. The insert spins easily, without to much play, I don't imagine it will spin as easily with a 500 lb. log hanging from the hoist, ha ha.

So hopefully finish all the welding tomorrow morning, and get started on the actual hoist.

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