Sunday, July 15, 2018

Hoist Rotating Socket Flanges Prepared

So the hoist will rotate and be easily removable, to move logs onto the carriage and for storage when not in use. The bottom of the hoist will be welded 2 1/2" pipe, It will slide into a 3" pipe, welded to the A frame. The rotating mating surfaces will be 2 nice chrome steel flanges I have had tucked away for years waiting for a project. One can be used as is, the other had to have the center cut out, it will be welded to the top of the 3" pipe and the 2 1/2" will pass through it.

Fortunately the largest hole saw I had was the right size to cut the center out of the one flange. None of my drill presses has the power to do this job, this is where my mill/drill comes in handy.

The two flanges mated together for rotation of the hoist.

I took the center cut out and turned a socket to fit into the end of the 2 1/2" pipe. This should result in a very solid connection when welded.

All the parts required for rotation and solid socket installation of the hoist.

So hopefully I can prepare the pipe, and strengthening ribs, for the hoist base tomorrow, and get it assembled.

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