Thursday, July 5, 2018

Little Red Wagon

Here is a little plan from the Deltagram series. I first posted this on a forum that I thought was going to be home to my blog. When the manipulator and predator showed their true faces, I quickly pulled my pictures, and decided my own site was the only way to share my book collection and project builds and ideas.

Deltagram was a series of short project manuals that Delta published for many years. There are hundreds of them in at least 41 volumes. I have 52 in my file and will share more in the future.

The wagon plan is a sure winner for most kids, it is both useful for moving toys and materials around and enjoyable to play with.

Below is a picture of a wagon I built for my two boys 33 years ago. As usual the Deltagram plan provided the inspiration but the plan was my own creation. The boys had many hrs. of fun with it.

33 years can change a person a lot so this is the only picture your going to see of me, ha, ha. If I start taking selfies I run the risk of damaging the camera, lol.

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