Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Prepared The Drive Wheel Assembly.

So before I can start building the head assembly I need a few critical measurements. I have a stack of blades that I got with the old scraped Delta and General band saws that I mentioned in previous posts. It would be nice if I could use them up, aside from surface rust some of them look new and others have been resharpened.

I decided to go with the Delta wheels and assemblies. If I blow up the aluminum wheels, I have the heavy cast iron General wheels to fall back on. So I spent yesterday dismantling the wheel assemblies, to see what I can adapt to my needs. The tension and tilt idler wheel assembly will require much modification, but I think I can use most of it, I,ll work on that tomorrow.

For the drive wheel assembly the only thing I can use is the band wheel itself. The casting is to heavy and odd shaped to use. Both bearings were shot, dry, and noise. I considered the shaft but it was a little long and would have been harder to fit odd size bearings too, without a lot of turning.

So after thinking about it for a while, I made a trip into town this morning and picked up two 1 1/4" pillow block bearings and a 3' length of 1 1/4" chrome steel shafting. In the picture below I have already turned the 11" shaft I cut from the 3' piece and trying the bearings on it.

Here I turned the band wheel side to 1" to accept the Delta wheel. The rest of the shaft will remain 1 1/4".

After turning I cut a 1/4" keyway, and drilled and tapped the end to accept a 3/8" X 1" bolt, lock, and heavy washer. The other end still needs a keyway, tomorrow.

Here is a rough assembly, The drive pulley is 14", the band saw wheel is 20".

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