Monday, July 23, 2018

Speeded Up Carriage Feed

So back to the carriage feed, running on top of three raps of cable started to sound dodgy, pretty quick, so what to do. I checked my military storage boxes, where I keep different offcuts of pipe and bar stock. I found a short piece of 1 1/2" schedule 80 pipe. the inside diameter was a little larger than the winch drum diameter and outside diameter was almost 2". Should work, I cut a piece to match the length of the drum, and then cut it lengthwise in half. I drilled one to take a 1/4" thread for a set screw to lock the sleeve on the drum.

Here's the drum before adding the sleeve.

Here the sleeve in place. The saw kerf when I cut the pipe in half made for a very tight fit. It took two vice grips and a lot of pressure to bring the two halves together to weld. I run a light rod, at light heat, so I didn't damage the aluminum drum, when welding the halves together. Filed the welds smooth and drilled a dimple in the drum, through the set screw hole, and tightened in a set screw to insure the new sleeve doesn't turn on the drum. Old diameter 1 1/4", new diameter 1 7/8".

So time to try it again. This time the feed worked out to a little over 14 fpm. Awesome, I could get more out of it , but I don't see any need to work the engine any harder. If I am not careful I could bury myself in lumber pretty quick, if I can slice a board off an 8' log in 40 seconds. If I want to go faster on small diameter logs, I can disengage the winch and feed by hand as fast as the blade will take it.

Did a walk around the frame. A few of the cable clearances were close or touching some of the cross members like the front and back of the carriage when it was at the ends of its travel. Ground clearance notches where required.

Here is a picture looking down on the mill.

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