Friday, July 6, 2018

Squaring Up The Frame

So sure enough the nasty temps. broke over night, a nice cool 23*C today. First job this morning was to do the joints I didn't do yesterday. I marked the four corners for miter joints and using a slitting disc and my grinder cut the miters free hand. These corners will take heavy welds so they don't have to be perfect just close. I am using 4" X 1/4" channel for the main frame.

Getting this main frame square and level is important, everything else rides or is attached to it. I am often surprised but my unfinished floor is quite level. The upper right hand corner is low by 1/16", a couple of cut off discs for shims, one at the end and one in the middle leveled it right up.

 I used two framing squares to square up the corners.

OK so I am ready to start welding. I'll post later today again, if I get it all welded up.

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