Monday, July 16, 2018

Started On The Sawmill Hoist

So I spent the morning finishing up the welding on the hoist receiver. Managed to flip the trailer on both sides to do the underside welds, and turn the vertical welds into flat welds, My skill level and equipment don't do well with vertical welds, ha, ha.

Here's the receiver complete, doesn't look pretty but it's solid.

So after lunch we made a start on the hoist. I started by deciding on a angle for the mast, measured to length and cut the angles on my chop saw. Set up the receiver insert on a vise and welded the mast to the flange. The mast is 3" X 3/16" square tubing. It's overkill but I wanted a large weld surface at the flange, since there will be no strengthening struts. I'll go smaller, 2 1/2", for the boom, with a 2" extension.

Here is a close up of the bottom bracket for the long stroke jack that will power the hoist. The jack is rated 8 ton, which is overkill again, but it was on sale and the regular price of a 4 ton was quite a bit more.

The next two pictures are front and back views of the mast with jack in place, just waiting for me to install the boom.

Not that fast though, there are a couple of brackets I have to make first and some heavy drilling to do. Hopefully get it done tomorrow.

Here's an idea I will be adding to my to-do list. I have two trailers an 8' and a 12'. Loading and unloading heavy equipment is always a problem, if there's no hoist or loading equipment around. Since I have this removable hoist now, it would be simple enough to beef up my trailer A frames, and install similar receivers to accept the the hoist when needed.

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