Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Started On The Sawmill Power Head

So got back in the shop this afternoon. After playing with and sketching a lot of ideas I am ready to start on the power head. First job is to get the proper spacing on the head slides. Measurements need to be quite precise here. I first installed shims on the inside of the slides to center them on the uprights then locked them in place. Then I cut two lengths of 2" X 3/16" tubing to span the distance between the slides. I first cut them a little large and then took a pass with the grinder and tried them out, until I got a tight fit. Next I made the sliding locks for the blade guides these will be installed on the bottom stretcher. The top stretcher, I first installed the two lifting eye bolts and drilled it to accept the motor mounting plate later. Here are a few pictures.

Here the first stretcher is welded in place. The two black sliders will receive the blade guides. If you expand and look carefully at the top and bottom of the sliders you can see the shims to prevent binding on the frame.

Here is a close picture of the blade guide slider locks on the backside.

Here the top stretcher is welded in place. The two lifting eyes are in place, and it has been drilled 3/8" to bolt the motor base to. I have a aluminum 12" X 24" X 1" plate that has been taking up space for far to long. It will get bolted to the underside of this top stretcher.

So I removed the shims and lowered and raised the head slide. Great no hang-ups moved freely through it's full range of motion. Here near the top of it's travel.

So now that my clearances have been established, I will remove the head frame tomorrow, finish the welding and continue with the head build on the bench.

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