Friday, July 20, 2018

The Carriage It Rolls

So we got started on the carriage this morning. I first cut and mitered the frame members and 4 bunks. The carriage frame is 2" X 1/4" angle, The 4 bunks are 2" X 3/16" angle.

 I then welded up the frame, taking care to keep the carriage square. I put the bunks aside for more work later.

Next I pulled out a 1 ton trolley I had purchased on sale for this purpose, many years ago. I cut the frames to separate the four wheels, and leave enough mounting plate to solidly weld to the carriage frame.

Here the wheels, all separated. The bent tabs will be used to hit stops at the ends of the tracks.

 After carefully locating and clamping each wheel on the carriage, they were welded in place.

Here is the carriage siting in its track.

Here rolled to the opposite end. A light push did it, without the stops welded in yet, I had to stop it from rolling off the end.

Here I loosely placed the 4 bunks on top of the carriage. I still need to add sockets to accept the rear fence dogs, before I can weld them in place. Maybe tomorrow.

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