Thursday, July 5, 2018

Unique, Beautiful, Easy, Windsor

Ha ha, there are other descriptives I could have used in the title. This plan was in the 1987 Popular Science Woodworking Yearbook, designed and built by Ethan Perry. This is a great twist on the Windsor chair, and as the author says, easier to build than it looks. Definitely a eye catching, unique piece, one that will be competing for my time in the future.

The 8 pages in this plan make for very complete information for the prospective builder. Their are a few more nice plans in this volume that I will be uploading in the future. Don't forget to expand the images to max. for best view.

Well along with the heat, the humidity has gone through the roof today. I am going to try and get out to the shop this afternoon, but I doubt I will get much accomplished. Even the house which normally stays comfortable, even in the hottest weather, is starting to feel the effects of all this heat and humidity.

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