Friday, July 13, 2018

When It Hits The Fan, It Hits The Fan

Sorry no update today, I picked up a nasty bug a couple of days ago and it's been sweats and chills for two days. I think I am on the mend but it didn't help that in the middle of all this heat and humidity, smoke rolled in yesterday morning and its even worse this morning.

There are many fires burning in the North but the largest is 30,000 acres in Lady Evelyn-Smooth Water Park near Temagami. The park is one of the few old growth forests left in Ontario. The preservationists won the fight against the loggers a few years ago, but it looks like fire is going to get some of it. The park is 100 miles south but when the wind changed it blew the smoke all the way up here. Nasty.

That haze you see in the picture is not haze, its smoke. 

So I did drag myself into the shop yesterday, but it was all I could do to get it cleaned up ready for the next stage. 10 lbs of weld rod ends, slag, and grinding dust off the floor and at least it looks more inviting.

I think I'm on the mend now, hopefully get back in the shop tomorrow.

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