Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Battery Box

So I started on the battery box today. I wanted to avoid cutting into a 4' X 6' X 1/8" sheet of steel I am saving for another project, but to make the battery box I would have had to stitch together many smaller pieces, and all the less than square problems that would bring, so I dragged out my big sheet. Cuts were all made with hand grinder, extra thin, cut-off discs.  For thinner material this has become my favourite method. I have a new cutting torch outfit but never bothered to get tanks and I have been on the verge of purchasing a plasma cutter more than once, but the price keeps putting me off (cheap, lol). Careful marking and clamping of straight edges, will produce better quality cuts, with the cut-off discs, than the two other methods, and discs are relatively inexpensive.

All done, just requires a light pass with the grinder to clean up the swarf.

Here it has been carefully marked out for the bends and using a straight edge and the grinder grooved to make the bends easier. 

Here the bends are complete and the mating corner welded.

The bottom cut out ready to weld.

The bottom welded. I tacked the corners and ran 1" welds every 2 1/2" to prevent warping and since a tight air seal is not wanted. I drilled the four corners 7/16" for ventilation and to drain any moisture that might find its way in. 

So after drilling a 1" hole in the end, for the electrical access, I welded the box to the sawmill frame. I got both batteries and checked the fit, perfect.

Here is another view. Next job is to make the top. It's not supporting any weight so I will go with a lighter material.

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