Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Completed The Blade And Wheel Guards

So I started with the blade guard this morning. I had a long L section that had been cut from the spine of the Delta saw when I dismantled it. I cut a 38" long section from it, trimmed and shaped it to fit. However the L section needs to be a channel section to guard the front top and back of the blade. At 38" long and 1/16" thick, it is to long and heavy for my 24" brake, what to do.

I first scored the inside of the bend line half the thickness with a straight edge and my disc grinder. I pulled out a 7 foot long RR rail section, I still have left after the anvil build. I clamped the L section tightly to the rail and using a 5 lb. hammer slowly worked the bend over.

I then removed the clamps and turned the section to straighten the edge on the top rail surface. It doesn't have the sharp bends of a heavy brake but certainly does the job.

So I clamped it to the wheel guards, and joined the three assemblies with a few weld beads.

Here is another view.

Next I completed and welded the drive side door to the wheel guard. I was really scrounging to find a piece large enough for the door. I ended up using the motor compartment access door from the old Delta. Took a little bit of work  to adapt it, but it's got a built in plastic handle for opening it. I locked it with a similar knob as the other guard.

So heres a picture of the completed guards.

Not a great picture here, but this is the look from the backside.

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