Saturday, August 4, 2018

Completed Clutch And Tension Assembly

So I liked yesterdays mock-up, so I proceeded with installation today. It was a quick job and went well, careful measuring will reduce the chance of binding from misalignment. Here is a close up of the mechanism in the retracted position.

Here a picture of the complete assembly in the retracted position. Operation is smooth and easy.

Here belt tension is released, travel is a full 2", thats 4" of belt length, should be plenty. 

In the next two pictures I have repeated the two same operations but with the 80 lb. motor on it's base. Operation was just as smooth and easy as without the motor.

Here in the tension released position.

So this is a long weekend here, so stopped early to crack open a bottle of the captain's finest, we also have heat warnings for the weekend, so it will be going down good with mountains of ice. Hopefully get started on the bearing assemblies and wheels Monday.


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