Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Completed Tension And Tilt Assembly

So put in a good day out there, accomplished what I set out to do. mainly rebuild the tension and tilt assembly to get the adjustments facing the operator and increase the adjustment clearances.

I started of with the tilt adjustment. I decided reversing the adjustment shaft and shortening it would be easy enough. First operation was to drill the end of the internal thread deeper, cut it off to the desired length and re-thread it.

In this picture re-threading the shaft after cutting off.

After threading I cut a piece of 1/16" steel to shape and bent it to fit over the tilt arm. I then drilled it to accept the 3/8" adjustment bolt, inserted the bolt and welded it. This prevents the bolt from turning when you adjust the tilt handle. The large washer on the handle side covers the inset that prevented the bolt from turning in the Delta design. I didn't want to weaken the tilt arm by milling an inset there. Here is the assembly complete.

Here is another view. 

So on to the tension assembly, This one will require a little more work. I started off by step drilling a 3/4" hole in the bottom of the Delta spring housing cast into the adjustment slide. I then sawed and filed the web casting and the top of the spring housing to accept a 1/4" steel disc, drilled to 13/16". The disc has a slot ground in the side to engage the casting .

This 3/4" nut will be welded to the disc, the slot in the steel disc will prevent the nut from turning when the adjustment screw is screwed in.

Here the nut is welded to the disc and trying out the screw. Great, works just the way I envisioned it. 

So here are all the parts to complete the tension assembly. The knobs are a little large, and I couldn't find two black ones.

Correction, had another look and found two smaller black knobs, had to re-thread them though. So here is the reworked tension and tilt mechanism all welded and assembled.

Here is a view from the back side and the new tilt adjustment. 

So when I reassembled I made some adjustments to alignment. I reinstalled the wheels and a blade, applied lots of tension and turned the wheels, a small adjustment to the tilt and the blade tracking centered on the wheel tires and stayed there.

A closer view.

And a larger view of the complete assembly so far.

So we are ready to start on the blade guides, maybe tomorrow.

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