Friday, August 10, 2018

Eccentric Guide Bearing Adjustment

So I got into the shop this afternoon and put together the bearings for the blade guides. I decided to make them eccentrically adjustable.This makes them easy to mount and just as easy to adjust.

In the first picture are all the parts for each bearing The 2 1/2"- 3/8" bolt has the thread extended 3/4" more than they normally come with, and the 20 mm bearing insert is drilled 3/8" offset to give the bearing eccentric adjustment. I will use this insert as the drill guide to make the 6 I need.

Here I assembled one with the test insert. Large fender washers are bolted tight to inside bearing race and center insert, mounting to the guide arm is between the back washer and lock washer. To adjust the bearing, hold the bearing bolt with a wrench and loosen the back nut, Turn the bolt left or right to increase or decrease the bearing clearance to the blade and re-tighten the back nut, done.

Here a test mounting to a scrap piece of angle. Half a turn of the bolt will adjust the bearing 1/4".

So using the test piece as a drill guide I made up the 6 inserts I need.

And here are the guides I need, all assembled ready to install. The washer and nut order will be a little different for the backer bearings. I will be ordering 4 or 5 band sawmill blades for doing tough or better quality cutting, their width is 1 1/4", but I would also like to use up the rusty stack of 1" blades I have in storage for cutting small stuff and other less quality work. The adjustable backer bearing will allow me to switch between different width blades.

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