Monday, August 20, 2018

Eye Candy From Miller Welding Gallery

So I started the mark up for the second guard this afternoon, when I got called away, I never did make it back into the shop. Looking through my welding folder this evening I came across a file I put together of some eye candy I found on the Miller Welding Idea Gallery. Most have probably seen some of these before but for those who haven't enjoy. It's a small file 900 KB and 29 pages, pdf.

There is a lot of talented people building a lot of nice projects out there. Some have sites where they document their builds some only share a few pictures on sites where it is safe to do so (like Millers). Forums are ideal for this kind of activity, but there are always a couple of characters who either insist they have the biggest dick and unless you are one of his chosen butt lickers he's going to whip you with it every chance he gets, or there is the character who wants to be a big dick and figures the way to get there is by dishing out backhanded praise comments to anyone who is willing to share his projects, probably in an effort to hide his own lac of production or imagination. If you call him on it, he will tell you he wasn't aware it was a backhanded comment. What a weasel, lol.

In a better environment I am sure many more great creations would be openly shared by creative people. Thats enough.

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