Sunday, August 26, 2018

Front Dogs And "Shipyard Outside Machinist"

So I got out to the shop for a few hrs. yesterday afternoon and completed the 4 front dogs. I will probably make more, in different lengths and configurations, in the future, but these four should get me started.

So to beef up this short post, here is a book that may attract limited interest to the subject matter, but the shipbuilding enthusiast, and heavy work machinist, will find much information here to hold his interest. This was published by the Department Of Public Instruction, Harrisburg, in 1942. This was in the middle of WWII, ships were being sunk as fast as they could build them, so this was meant to instruct many of the new metalworkers, required to build these ships.

At 315 pages it is not short, much of the info, has wide application beyond shipbuilding work, correct use of tools and measuring equipment has universal interests.

To download "Shipyard Outside Machinist" go to my Books - Free Downloads page. # 57 - 16 MB - pdf.

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