Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Guides Complete

So it took a day and a half but I got the guides complete. As usual I overbuilt, in addition to the eccentric bearings the brackets are completely adjustable. I once read a forum discussion where one commenter stated that a properly set-up and running mill doesn't even need guides. That may be true in theory, but I doubt he ever run his mill without guides.

So here are some pictures of the completed guides. Here the guides and the brackets they fit into.

Another view.

Here installed in the brackets.

Another view. 

Here the brackets are installed on the guide arms and set to the maximum cut, 28" between guides. That will square up a 32" diameter log, not that I even have a log that big to square up, ha, ha.

Here a close up of one guide. I could gain another inch between guides by trimming the guide leading edge, but I have no need for more capacity and I would rather protect the bearings from getting run into the log.

Another picture of both guides pulled in.

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