Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Head Slide Locks Installed

So you may recall, I was considering a linkage assembly for the head slide locks. However I would have been limited to a little more than a 1/4 turn. I decided a chain and sprocket assembly would work better and be less problematic.

Years ago I got a number of surplus double sprockets from Princess Auto, I cut one in half and welded each sprocket to 1/2" bolts. The bolt at the operator side is 4" long , I cut the head off after welding the sprocket to the bolt and installed a handle I got out of the old Delta parts box.

It was quite tight to start with, a couple squirts of thick gear oil helped a lot.

I started the remote bolt lock 1/2 a turn first, before I started the the handle lock. this to insure the remote side locks first, a good tug on the handle snugs up both sides.

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