Monday, August 6, 2018

Installed The Drive Wheel Assembly

So I got out to the shop this afternoon and started on the drive wheel assembly. I first cut a piece of 1/2" plate steel to 7" X 7 1/2" and marked and step drilled 4 holes to 5/8" for the bearing bolts.

Welded the plate to the head slide and loosely assembled the bearings drive pulley and band wheel. 

Another view.

Brought out the motor and tried the belt. Here in the loose position. Lots of slack both pulleys turn freely without grabbing the belt.

Here in the engaged position. When I first tightened the belt it was still a little loose, tightened the tension nut till the belt was the correct tightness. Well I surprised myself, so far so good, however I only have two turns of adjustment left on the tension screw. When the belt needs replacement I will probably go with a B78 to replace this B80.

Another view. 

Belt alignment was good , lots of clearance. When everything gets tightened down, I will make a few more fine adjustments, for now it will all be disassembled so I can work on the tension and tilt wheel.

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