Thursday, August 30, 2018

Made Up The Wiring Harness

So I spent the afternoon putting together most of the wiring harness. The first picture is the winch controllers. I decided to join them together, so they are both at hand when moving around. I first removed the old screws and drilled through both controllers to take two 2 3/4" X 3/16" fine thread bolts and nuts. I made up a hook to hang the controllers when not in use and installed it in a filed slot between the controllers before assembling. I then removed the old fittings and installed new connectors to connect with the rest of the harness. To finish I wrapped the exposed wiring with loom and a well lapped layer of electrical tape.

This is most of the rest of the harness, except for the cable feed from the battery box to the connection box. You will notice one set of cables has the rubber caps on opposing color wires. This is not a mistake, they are to remind me to reverse the connection at the winch to get the rotation to match the desired direction indicated on the controller. 

Over the years I have salvaged half a dozen connection boxes, this is one of the nicer ones I have. I still need to drill a few more holes to accommodate all the connections. The large red key is a battery isolation switch. When not in use I can isolate  the batteries to prevent battery drain. The green indicator light is a reminder the switch is closed.

Just a little warning about the security of the type of locks used in things like tool boxes and applications like this connection box. When I salvaged the box the key did not come with it (lol). However I keep a ring in the shop where I keep found keys and keys from various locks I have had over the years. I tried a number of keys till I found one that opened it. I didn't try it but I think this one came from my red 6 drawer toolbox.

So we'll try to get this all connected up tomorrow.

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