Monday, August 27, 2018

Saw Scale And A Couple Corrections

So back at it this morning, the first job was the saw scale. This was a fairly simple assembly. I made a frame out of 1 1/2" angle iron and bolted a aluminum, 1 meter, straight edge to it. Canadian Tire had these on sale for $1.99 many years ago, I got a dozen of them. I then welded the frame to the head frame.

Here's a closer look. The indicator arm is shaped and bent 1/16" steel. It is attached to the back of the slide wheel guard with a wing nut and fender washer, the nut is welded to the inside of the wheel guard. The indicator has a 2 1/2" long slot for adjustment.

That was easy, next is a couple of problems that cropped up. The first is symmetry, the lac of it bugs me, lol. One wheel guard is 16" wide the other is 18" wide to accommodate the tension assembly. This makes the guards look a little lopsided. The other problem is much of the sawdust in my little test missed the guard and dust chute. I came up with a little idea to solve both problems. I cut a strip of 2 1/4" X 22" 1/16" steel to weld to the door and enlarge it's size, but first I hammered out a half moon to center on the blade and increase the amount of sawdust that is channeled into the sawdust chute.

Here finished and cleaned up, its turned on edge to show the degree of deformation.

Aw, thats better, looks a little more balanced now ha, ha.

Here's a picture of the sawdust catcher.

And a closer look here. Should direct most of the sawdust to the chute, we shall see.

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