Monday, August 20, 2018

Started On The Drive Side Guard

So I worked all afternoon but don't seem to have accomplished much, when you look at the pictures. I started off by cutting up the mark up I did yesterday. I then went fishing in the old Delta parts box and found the cast iron sawdust fitting. It seemed more complicated than it had to be, they sure didn't skimp on material back then. Anyway, I fed it to the Startrite saw.

And after a little file work to refine the shape, this is what came out.

Next I cut an opening in the guard for the sawdust, welded a bolt in the bottom and a bracket on the bottom back edge to bolt the sawdust fitting to the guard, and finally welded the guard to the head slide.

Here is an outside view of the fitting.

And here is a view looking down into the fitting opening. Still needs a little cleaning up.

So will see about completing the blade guard tomorrow and installing a door on the guard.

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