Saturday, August 18, 2018

Started On The Wheel And Blade Guards

So I spent yesterday working out details for the blade guards and hunting up materials. When I dismantled the old Delta saw I cut up the main frame to salvage what materials I could. I kept the door assemblies and after doing some serious cutting with half a dozen grinder cut off discs, yesterday, I decided I could make it work with most of what I had.

So this morning I started with the tension and tilt wheel side. After cutting away what I didn't need and adding the bottom piece you see in the picture, I welded the guard to the head slide.

The backside. Don't look that great but eventually a good scraping and paint job should improve the looks, ha,ha.

Well thats 2 boxes of weld rod so far. Loved these Hyundai weld rods, easy to strike an arc and hold it, even for this shaky old guy. Unfortunately Princess Auto doesn't carry them any more. 

I salvaged the hinges from the old doors, to reuse for the access doors. Here welded to the door and guard housing. I welded a nut to the inside lip and added a hand knob to keep it tightly closed.

Opened up to install wheel.

The wheel guard complete except for the make up to make it look pretty.

Hopefully get started on the second guard and blade enclosure tomorrow.

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