Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Tension And Tilt Assembly

So I installed the Delta tension and tilt assembly. I was going to make some changes but decided to install it pretty much as it was to see where the problems were. The assembly works pretty much as designed but the two adjustment handles face inward and this creates some clearance problems. The tilt assembly will be easy enough to turn outward, will require a shaft shortening. The tension handle will require more thought, I changed the handle for a round knob but the tight clearance makes it hard to get a good grip.

Beyond that, I put both wheels on it and installed one of those rusty blades I have had in storage for years I tensioned the blade and adjusted the tilt, with the blade centered on one wheel, the other wheel was a little off, not bad straight out of the box.

So I need to work on the changes to the tension assembly, and then tune the wheels to run true, and then I can start on things like blade guides, covers etc. Here are some pictures.

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