Thursday, August 9, 2018

What Bearings To Use For Guides

So I didn't do much today, spent a good part of the afternoon trying to decide which bearings to use for the guides. I pulled out one of my bearing storage boxes, I usually decide better, when I can actually handle the parts. My other boxes are all housed bearings.

I went out to the storage shed and found the Delta parts storage box and brought in the old Delta guides. Wow I obviously didn't look at them when I dismantled the saw. The two aluminum guide blocks were almost cut in half, one bearing was seized and the other had a worn groove so deep it exposed the bearing balls.

Here is a close up of one of the destroyed bearings. The scrapped saw obviously came from an industrial plant. No owner would continue to run a saw in this condition. I wounder how many blades they destroyed to accomplish this kind of wear.

I did find two good bearings to fit the mounting studs. But the guides are an old design and too damaged to get much life out of them. The blocks will make good feed for the melting pot.

Digging through my bearing box, I found these four gems. They are too small for the sawmill, but quite heavy duty for there size and mounted on eccentric shafts, which makes it easy to mount and adjust. I think my 12" shop saw is getting new guides soon.

So in the end I decided on a heavy RBL 20 mm bearing. I have 10 new ones in stock, so I will have 4 left over for future replacements and I have lots of 20 mm shafting. I am going to try to get the mounts drilled eccentric to make them easy to adjust. I am looking at something close to what you see in the picture, the bearings are sitting on. The picture was printed from the "Vehicle Wheel Band Sawmill" file I uploaded in a previous post.

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