Sunday, August 5, 2018

Wood Turning Visualized

So for a second post today I started scanning an excellent book on wood turning. If your a novice wood turner, this is the instruction book you need. There are hundreds if not thousands of good books on wood turning out there, this one stands out for me. It will take you from the development of the lathe to the modern (1969) home use lathe, a Delta lathe is illustrated. It covers tools used, tool sharpening, layout tools and their use, safety around the lathe and even jigs to help you lay out work more quickly. Faceplate and between center turning are covered and you get a large number of examples of turned shapes and projects. For the experienced turner I am sure there are tips here you may benefit from.

It was originally published in 1966, this edition in 1969 by The Bruce Publishing Company and authored by Ross C. Cramlet.

Scanning is labor intensive, the book is only 111 pages but I will upload it in 3 parts. Part 1 today is the first 29 pages, I will upload part 2 and 3 over the next two Sundays for the interested.

To download Wood Turning Visualized Part 1 go to my Books - Free Downloads page, # 56 Part 1, 5 MB - pdf. Here are a few pictures of what you can expect.

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