Thursday, September 6, 2018

200 Board Feet Is A Start

So a clear sky and a bright sun rise today, time to test out the band sawmill.

Here is the mill all set up and leveled, ready to cut.

So I started with the poplar, loaded it with the hoist, and clamped it in place.

Here the first 8' slab, cut. 

The poplar squared up, and the first 8/4 X 6 1/2" board sliced off.

Here the first slab sliced off a 8'2" birch. I could hear the engine working a little harder, but still breezed through it.

So whats the finish like? Pretty hard to get much better, great.

Alright, so how thin can we go? Here is a 1/16" slice of veneer, sliced off one of the short birch. Finish is very nice, a few grades of sand paper would reach a good finish quickly. Still strong, I could have gone thinner, but even this is amazing. 

Here is a picture of the saw in the middle of a cut, on the 8'2" birch.

So thats it, all sawed, there is close to 200 board feet of lumber here, even a conservative $1.50 a board ft. puts the pile at $300. Starting to pay for itself already, lol. Widths are between 5 1/2" and 6 1/2". The poplar is 8/4 thick, the spruce 6/4 and the birch is 5/4.

A side view. 

Bonus, slabs for the wood pile.

The wind blew it around but the sawdust fitting worked great, plugged once with a hunk of birch bark, but great otherwise. 

All done no worse for wear. Things went quickly after the first two logs, and I got the hang of the operating procedure. No real problems, I had a weld on one of the bunk clamp nuts fail, a quick trip into the shop fixed that. A paint job and thats another long held dream, off my check list. 

So this lumber will air dry in storage, and I should be able to build some projects with it next year. YES standing tree to finished project, ha ha.

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