Tuesday, September 18, 2018

4' Cold Work Anvil Finished Up

So I finally got all my shops cleaned up and organized yesterday, the big V's of Canada Geese are starting to make a racket in the skies, hope that doesn't mean early snow. Next chore is a couple of days to cut the grass and cleanup the property but first I decided to take a day and finish the cold work bench.

On a suggestion from a forum poster I added another 3 or 4 lb's of welding rod to the underside of the RR rail and support joints. The result, hammer swings felt more solid and the ring was clearer and more even across the full length. For paint I went with two coats of Tremclad flat black enamel. Before painting I sprayed down the rail with WD-40 and went over it with a wire brush and sanding disc mounted in my 7" disc grinder. I painted the bottom flange of the rail and left the rest bare. Here are a few more pictures.

If your a knife maker, it is easy to see how a inexpensive bench like this could be your best asset for hammering out blades. Thats just one of many uses you can put this to.

So location, I placed the bench in the walk through area connecting 3 doors, in the welding and rough work shop. So you could say it takes up no space, ha, ha. It's now a walk around area instead of a walk through area. When you come into the shop it is right there so it should be a reminder to use it, and stop destroying vises.

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